The Prospector Theater, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities through the operation of a premium, first-run movie theater located in the heart of historic downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Our employees, known as Prospects, live a higher quality of life through meaningful employment, and are encouraged to sparkle, shine, and turn their passions into professions.


The Prospects – trained and employed by the Prospector Theater – drive positive change in the behavior and perception of the capability and employability of people with disabilities, opening the doors to large-scale increased meaningful employment outcomes in every business setting. Through pairing Prospects with an appropriate and fitting job, we can ensure that we are developing Prospects’ sparkle, while equipping that individual with the transferrable job skills needed to jump-start their career. If you give a man a fish, he can feed himself for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.


We have lit a sparkly beacon of hope to the millions of people with disabilities who have been excluded from being contributing members of society, and have been ready, willing and able to work. Experiencing the Prospector Theater’s commitment to constant improvement and excellence calls attention to the creativity, sparkle, and drive of the overlooked talent pool that exists in every community in the world.  


The Prospector Creed:

The doors open and we begin.

I will work as hard as possible until the last foot steps out the door.

In this time, I will be more than an employee. 

I will live, love, and learn.

I will let my sparkle shine for all to see.

I will meet people, greet friends, and change the way people think.

I will not be afraid of failing and will learn from my mistakes.

I am the smile to brighten your day. 

I am the familiar face you are excited to see.

I am what they said I could be, and what they said I could not be.

I am strong.

I am willing and able.

I am a contributing member of society.

I am a Prospect.



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