What type of events are possible?  

  • Birthday Parties (any age)

  • Public Movie Group Parties

  • Private Theater Rentals

  • Star Bar Rentals

  • Cocktail Parties

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Breakfast Meetings

  • Brunch

  • Luncheons

  • Graduations

  • Bridal Showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Service Learning

  • Field Trips

  • Girl Scout Outings

  • Boy Scout Outings

Who will be my contact day of?

You will have an Event Lead who will greet you in the lobby upon your arrival and be with you for the duration of your party.

Is there a minimum for a party?  

There is no minimum.

Is there a fee for chaperones?  

Chaperones will need a movie ticket to enter the theater.  Ticket prices are between $11 - $13, depending on the time of the movie.

How many chaperones are needed?

We require 1 adult chaperone to supervise per 10 children; more chaperones are required if the children are under 8.

Do the chaperones get popcorn/drinks for the movie?

No, but we can certainly provide popcorn & drinks for the chaperones (at an additional cost).  They would be considered a “guest” and charged guest prices.

What’s included in the party package?  

Our public movie birthday parties are $21 pp for non-opening weekends (or $26 pp for an opening weekend) and include reserved seating for your entire group, movie ticket, popcorn, beverage and a Prospect birthday shout out at the beginning of the movie.  There is no minimum number of guests.

Can I add any additional concession options to the popcorn/drinks (i.e, candy)?  

Absolutely!  Please inquire about our options and pricing.  

When will we know the movie title and time?  

Final movie schedules are typically released the Monday of each week, but, occasionally, we have it available earlier.  We recommend using our current weekend schedule as a general guideline.

What arrival time should I put on the invite?

Parents typically note on their invitation that the start time may be +/- 30 minutes pending release of the final movie schedule and this works for most for planning purposes.

What type of oil is used for the popcorn?

Canola Oil

What happens if we don’t have as many guests as originally expected? Can we get a refund?

A final headcount and food order (if applicable) are due 3 days prior by 9am.  You will have until this time to return any unnecessary tickets. There are no refunds after this time.

Are we able to give a gratuity?

In lieu of a gratuity, a donation to the Prospector Theater would be greatly appreciated.

How do I reserve a date for a birthday party/event?  

We have an Event Reservation Form which can be downloaded from our website or you can pick up a form from our Box Office.  Once we receive a completed form and a non-refundable deposit, we will secure your date on our Events calendar.

If I change the date can my deposit be used towards a future date?

Yes, for most cases.

What is the length of time for a birthday party with pizza and/or cake/cupcakes?  

The meal portion of the party is typically 30 - 45 minutes.

What can we expect on the day of the party?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted in the lobby by your Event Lead.  We will place a welcome sign with balloons in the lobby for your guests to gather, along with a gift cart.  We will help greet your guests and escort them into the designated theater, serve them popcorn and drink and direct them to their reserved seats.  If you are serving a meal prior to the movie, we will escort your guests to the Star Bar. After the meal, we will escort everyone to the designated theater. If having a meal, the table will be set with multi-colored plates, Happy Birthday napkins, and multi-colored balloon bouquets.  

Can we request the theater with the bean bags?  

No. Unfortunately, the specific movie theater can change at any time, so you can not specify a movie theater unless you are booking a private rental.  

Can I purchase my own tickets and hand out favors on my own (instead of booking a party through you)?  

You are more than welcome to purchase your tickets and concessions a’ la carte.  Please note we cannot reserve seats or provide a birthday shout out. You would also have to wait in the concessions line.  Regarding favors, you may not distribute them inside the theater. No presents are allowed inside the theater and we can not hold them at Box Office.

How late can I book an event and are there any late fees?  

You can book an event at any time pending availability. Any events booked within 10 days of event is subject to a late fee.  For public parties, the fee is $50. For private rentals, the fee is $250.


What food options are available for birthday parties?

Our most popular menu is cheese pizza and/or cupcakes/cake.   

What is the pricing for pizza?

Our 16” round pizza (8 slices) is $23 each.

What is the pricing for cake?

  • 8” Round Cake (serves 14) is $40

  • 10” Round Cake (serves 20) is $50

  • Half Sheet (serves 50) is $75

  • Full Sheet (serves 100) is $100

What is the pricing for cupcakes?

$3 (each)

What cake/cupcake flavors are available?

Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Coconut.

What frosting flavors are available?

Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream

What cake decor is available?

Each cake or cupcake has a topper with movie themed artwork created by Prospects.  Cakes are also customized with a “Happy Birthday” and the guest of honor’s name. Pricing includes this decor.

Can I bring in my own cake and/or cupcakes?

Outside food is strictly prohibited.  Please inquire regarding guests with allergies.

Are the cake/cupcakes nut free?  

The cake and cupcakes can be made without nuts, but we are not a nut free facility.

Can we serve pizza & cake/cupcakes before or after the movie?  

You can serve food either before or after the movie. Please note food is additional and varies based on your choice (options & pricing are noted on the Event Reservation Form).

Can I bring in an outside caterer/liquor for a private rental?  

You may work with our list of preferred caterers. They are the only caterers we allow on the premises. Please inquire for their direct contact information. All alcohol is served through our Star Bar.

Where do you get your pizza/cakes/cupcakes from?  

Our pizza, cakes, & cupcakes are all made in our kitchen through our Cooking & Baking Training Program.


What decorations do you have?

If you choose to include pizza and/or cake/cupcakes, your party package includes paper plates and balloon bouquets in primary colors, clear cups, Happy Birthday napkins, movie themed coloring sheets, and crayons. The colors match the main colors for the movie.

Do I have to bring my own candles?  

We provide multi-colored candles.  You are welcome to bring any special candles.

Can I bring favors?

Absolutely!  We will display them for you during the party and assist you with handing them out at the end of the party.  They are not permitted inside the theater.

Can I bring additional decorations?  

Absolutely!  Please drop off 2 days prior and we will make sure it is set up for you.  We can inflate any Mylar balloons on-site.

If I’m having a movie only birthday party, can I give out favors?  

Yes, but they can only be distributed after the movie.  They are not permitted inside the theater.

What color balloons do you have?

White, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple, silver, black, pink, gold.  We will coordinate the balloon colors with the theme of the movie. For example, we will use blue and yellow for the “Finding Dory” movie.  

What color paper products do you have?  

We have multi-colored napkins with “Happy Birthday.”  We have yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple, silver, black, & pink paper plates.  We will coordinate the paper plate color with the theme of the movie. For example, we will use blue and yellow for the “Finding Dory” movie.  

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy due to weather issues?

The theater is open every day and does not close unless there is a state mandated closure. The deposit is non-refundable.  Tickets are refundable until your final headcount due date. Cake and cupcake orders are non-refundable (we are happy to hold the cake/cupcakes for you to pick up).  For parties cancelled at least 2 hours prior to party start time, you will not be charged for popcorn/drinks or pizza (if ordered). If any guests do not show for the party, there are no refunds for that guest.