It's the People That Make the Place

At the Prospector Theater, we are not hiring people with disabilities--we are hiring people. Everyone is different, and everybody has sparkle. We are looking for people who: 

  • Want to work and be great at their jobs!
  • Want to learn from their mistakes and grow!
  • Have a positive attitude!
  • Treat themselves and others with respect!
  • Are ready to let their talents shine!
  • Want to live the best life possible!

We believe in meaningful work. What is meaningful work? Work that is challenging and worthwhile, a job you feel good about, a job you take pride in, a job that makes you happy, a job that makes you want to do better each time.


The Prospector Theater is filling a need in the community for a movie theater, while creating these much-needed meaningful jobs. Without the right people working at the prospector theater, the building is just a big brick box. Above all else – above the planning, above the building, above the designing – it's the people who make the vision, character, and culture of the Prospector Theater come alive! We are changing the world!

Join Our Team

The Prospector Theater is now open, and we’re currently hiring for a variety of positions.

You could be a great addition to the team! Fill out an application today, or just stop by to visit us and learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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