Jurassic Park in the Dark


Have you experienced a movie without seeing it?

The Prospector welcomes many blind and visually-impaired guests to enjoy movies through the use of narrative description headsets. As part of their jobs, Prospects are responsible for ensuring that all adaptive technology is readily available, up-to-date, and passes Prospect quality control!

Valerie Jensen, the founder of the Prospector Theater, tested the narrative description for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by blocking her sight to experience the movie “blind.”  Talk about an adventure!

The ADA requires theaters to have accessible technology like closed captioning glasses and headsets. To better serve our guests, Prospects are encouraged to try the technology, so they can better understand how someone else experiences a movie.

What did Val think of listening to the action-packed Jurassic Park?

Valerie said, “The narrative was good. I liked it a lot! When your brain accepts that you listen to both the audio and dialogue in the headset, then it’s like being immersed in a hardcore audiobook. It took a lot of concentration, but it allows your imagination to direct the movie in your mind. I can now personally recommend this movie to people who are blind or visually impaired. If you’re willing to give this adaptive technology a try, I highly recommend you do!”

The Prospector Theater is prepared to welcome any guest with a special accommodation for a fabulous moviegoing experience. By filling out a voluntary questionnaire, Prospects will ensure your next visit is extraordinary, https://www.prospectortheater.org/specialrequests/.