A Stone Thrown, Respect Grown

Every day at the Prospector, Prospects work hard

To welcome thousands of moviegoers from near and far

We truly love our jobs, for reasons you might not know

So we want to share this lesson to help you all grow

Prospects are people, just like you and me

With 75% of us having a disability

There are millions of people like us, but so few have a job

We’re forced to sit at home, all alone, while we sob

We’ve faced a lot of struggles, bullies, and fear

But when we work at the Prospector, we sparkle and cheer

We were all very shocked when the rock broke the glass

It reminded us of the bad times from our past

We now know what you did wasn’t done out of hate

But we hope you will learn from this mistake

Next time you walk by, looking in from outside

We invite you to come experience where we work with pride

See a movie, have treats, hear our Prospects speak

During our usher speeches that we use to teach

Play Pac-Man with Prospects, shatter high scores

Instead of the window right next to our doors

We could have had fun, and I know we can still

Spend some time with our sparkle and witness our skills

We know you can’t un-throw the rock that you threw

But we hope you’ve learned a lot more than you knew

We are smart, we work hard, we’ve overcome fears

And we’d like to be your friend the next time you come here.

Sparkle on kids in our town and yours

You can help us make the world sparkle much more


-The Prospects