Ali Speaks!


Ali's smile lights up the theater as she greets the audience.  Her hair is gently pulled back, her eyes sparkle, and she guides customers to their seats. As she begins to give her signature Prospector usher speech, she raises her iPhone for the audience to see

"I have used assistive technology to talk for me since I was young," she types and explains. "When I am giving Usher Speeches, I plug my phone into a transmitter, and I can talk to the audience over the entire theater," she explains.

Ali's talent, better known as sparkle, is technology. She has been using assistive technology for nearly all of her life, developing incredible technical skills. Her love for, and knowledge of, technology pair perfectly with her job as a projectionist. She says, "I like ingesting  content and adding movies to the feature system." Ali also is a member of the Prospect Productions team as a photographer. 

"Assistive technology has helped me to succeed and become a valuable member of the Prospector's team." 

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