The Prospector Theater App

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Prospector showtimes and tickets are now available at your fingertips through the recently launched Prospector Theater app!


Prospector Director of Operations, Ryan Wenke, explains, “creating a ticketing app has always been a goal for the theater. The Prospector team strives to create exceptional, inclusive moviegoing experiences, and the app helps to connect more moviegoers to the sparkle of the Prospector."


The app was created through the support of Webedia, a global media and technology company, with offices in Ridgefield, that specializes in the recreation and entertainment industries, specifically movie theaters. Many employees of Webedia became familiar with the Prospector’s mission by visiting the Prospector to enjoy the latest blockbusters.


Thomas Jullienne, one of Webedia’s Global Product Managers, fell in love with the Prospector after visiting several times with his family. Thomas knew he wanted to help contribute to the sparkle of the Prospector, and creating an app just made sense!


The entire Prospector team was incredibly excited by the opportunity. “Webedia can distribute their ideas worldwide, while testing them locally, right here in our theater, before they launch globally. They remain on the cutting edge with technology and teach us how to continually enhance ours in order to remain the most accessible theater,” founder Valerie Jensen says.


The Prospector Theater app launched in June on both Apple and Android platforms. Features available through the app include buying tickets, checking showtimes, watching trailers, and making donations.


Prospects plan to add an accommodations button where customers can add in any special needs they have with their ticket orders, such as wheelchair accessible seating and adaptive technology. “Down the pipeline, I would love customers, who may not be able to use the app or website, to purchase through Amazon’s Alexa, via voice command,” Ryan mentions.


The Prospector Theater app is yet another way that Prospects are reinventing the moviegoing experience for each and every guest.