The Prospect Band Prepares for Album Release Party!

The Prospect Band, featuring (left to right): Rachel Wise, Jeff Bonistalli, Max Shapiro, Thomas Devittoro, & Ryan Carnage.

The Prospect Band, featuring (left to right): Rachel Wise, Jeff Bonistalli, Max Shapiro, Thomas Devittoro, & Ryan Carnage.

"We hope we are going to have a tour bus. Black and pink," says Rachel, as her hands travel up and down the keys of The Prospect Band's new keyboard.


Ryan sits and strums his guitar, waiting for Max to plug his bass into the amp. Jeff tests the drums and hands Thomas the microphone. The Prospect Band rehearsal begins.


The Prospect Band, formed in 2016, two years after the grand opening of The Prospector Theater – a non-profit that provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities. Prospects, the name of all Theater employees, are encouraged to sparkle, shine, and turn their passions into professions. One day, Prospect Ryan and Jeff began talking about their own passions, and formed a fantastic idea. “Let’s make a band,” exclaimed Jeff.


"I play a few instruments and enjoy making music, even music videos," said lead guitarist Ryan. "A few of my other friends here like playing too, so Jeff and I came up with the idea to make a band."


Rachel soon joined as the "organist.” As their passion and idea grew, so did the hardware. Rachel has mastered using two keyboards. “One is boring, two is fun," she argued. Thomas became the lead singer, with a voice that swoons like Sinatra, and Max and his bass riffs round out the quintet.


The band debuted at The Prospector Theater's second birthday. "Music is a powerful medium, and we can create music to explain this tremendous mission," Jeff explains. The band created three original songs quickly: "Mr. Projector," "Sparkle On," and "The Prospector Way”.


Over the next year, The Prospect Band jammed out to movie soundtracks and explored their musical horizons. They played for many of the theater's events. It was during the thrill of performing for a live audience that the band found their groove. "Sparkle music – a new genre," clarifies Rachel.  


"We sang cover songs and wrote songs about the Theater," Ryan says. “I told The Band that we finally had enough tracks for an album.'" The band worked hard, writing, collaborating, perfecting lyrics, and recording their first album, which will be debuted at an album release party on April 28th. The group will perform each original piece that evening, and the album will be available for purchase.


"We dreamed about this since we started," Thomas explains. "We share joy, love, happiness as musicians, and now the band will share those great feelings with the public.”


Jeff mentions his favorite moment has been "cutting the last track for the album and showing audiences our sparkle." Max quietly adds, "during a song, when Thomas introduces me, I play a solo and communicate with music."


"We trust each other," says Thomas. "Sometimes we argue and disagree, then we figure it out", he explains.


Rachel, still playing the keyboards to a song called out randomly, declares playing as a band "is much better, sparkly, and shiny."


To see, hear, and feel their sparkle, join The Prospect Band for their Album Release Party on April 28th, at 7 PM. Buy your tickets HERE!