A Wrinkle in Time

Sam Bass and KMann excited for the opening of A Wrinkle in Time.

Sam Bass and KMann excited for the opening of A Wrinkle in Time.

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time opened during a snowy blast outside and sparkle inside! Prospects are dedicated to delivering an excellent and engaging moviegoing experience audiences just can’t get anywhere else.  In preparation, Prospects worked hard transforming our lobby with a time-travelling theme.  Toy clocks were hung from the ceiling, and the centerpiece was a giant Prospect-made 2 story popcorn balloon arch.


This is hard work! 


Chris Sturges led an interactive class on "balloonology," to create the arch. Prospects learned to measure their blown-up balloons, tie their knots, form a popcorn pattern with yellow and white balloons, attach the balloons to rings, and fix the rings to the pole.


"Balloonology - it's a science," explains Jason Chisolm, as he worked with co-worker E.J. Greczylo, pumping up many balloons.  A simple wooden tool, created by Sturges, laid in between them for measuring each balloon size. E.J. meticulously checked every balloon he blew up and made sure to remind his co-workers to check their finished products. He signaled to Jason to check his balloons size, as Jason communicated with others about the importance of consistency.


"This balloon arch, the clocks, the star balloons, it is all designed to create an unique experience for movie-goers," Sturges says, "but I am constantly learning about my co-worker's strengths and weaknesses while we work together."


Team leaders can better understand Prospects through collaborative efforts like balloon class when they notice who is taking the initiative and can lead, who works well with others, if someone struggles with fine motor skills, or if loud noises, like a balloon popping, impairs someone's capabilities to continue. The soft skills that are practiced and observed during these activities help the theater learn more about who may need support in one area or a customized work plan to enhance a Prospect's sparkle.


Mike Santini, the Prospector's Director of Development adds, "All Prospects can come to the lend a hand in creating this excitement for moviegoers. Our audiences can interact with Prospects while they work, adding to this unique moving going experience. Visitors are meeting men and women who are willing, ready, and able to create this opportunity for the public." After all, who wouldn’t want to be photographed with a giant balloon arch, and the proud Prospects who made it?


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