Shinkansen Train Inspiration for Clean Team


It seems as it every person who comes to the Prospector Theater remarks how clean it is, from the lobby, to the theaters, and especially the bathrooms.  Laura P. from Mahopac, NY left this review on Yelp: “Went to this theater tonight for the first time, immaculate! The whole place was spotless, even the bathrooms!”

Behind all this sparkly cleanliness is the Prospector Theater’s Clean Team.  The Clean Team oversees the cleaning and maintenance of the entire theater! The inspiration for Clean Team came from Valerie Jensen (the Theater’s Founder, Visionary & Executive Director) who was inspired by Japan’s Shinkansen Train and train-cleaning crews.

There are 323 Shinkansen Trains departing Tokyo each day and the cleaning crews only have seven minutes to clean each train, between the train’s arrival at the station and its next departure.

Much like the Shinkansen cleaning crew, the Prospector Theater’s Clean Team is a well synchronized team of incredibly efficient cleaners who sometimes only have a short window of time to clean an entire theater when one movie ends and the next one begins.  Imagine all the spilled popcorn after a sold out movie in Theater 1! Clean Team Prospect Max S. takes it all in stride saying, “all that matters is that you keep doing your best”.

At the end of each movie, Clean Team members are lined up at the exit with bags to collect trash and say goodbye and thank you.  They then work with precision to clear off the seats and vacuum the floor.

The Clean Team shows us what great teamwork, hard work, and dedication to the Prospector Theater is all about.  Do you love our clean facility? If so, leave us a sparkly review on Yelp and Facebook.