Revolutionizing Mobility

“Revolutionizing Mobility”

by Valerie Jensen

Getting a job is hard for people with disabilities. Often at times, fantastic candidates cannot pursue a job opportunity because they cannot get to work.  While public transportation accommodations have improved since the passage of the ADA, those with disabilities who do not have a car, or access to transportation, remain isolated or rely on caregivers and families for rides. 

Automotive innovations under development – like self-driving cars – will be a game-changer for transportation and accessibility. 

This week BMW announced they are embracing automation, and viewing the cars of the future as “a major opportunity for revolutionizing mobility”. 

To homebound individuals with disabilities, this is welcomed news. BMW’s commitment to innovative and adaptive technologies that can improve the lives of disabilities is one of the reasons the Prospector Theater is proud to have partnered with BMW of Ridgefield.


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