Introducing... the Do-Good-O-Matic!

The Do-Good-O-Matic is a restored and re-purposed vintage cigarette machine.  A $10 token grants you the purchase of an original piece of artwork, a hand-made craft, or surprise, a Do-Goodie!

The machine was donated to the Prospector Theater by Valerie Jensen, and was lovingly restored by Mark Furano.  The Do-Good-O-Matic will have a prominent place in the lobby of the Prospector Theater!

The Do-Good-O-Matic is central to the mission of the Prospector Theater.  It is a collaborative project between professional artists, craftspeople and Prospects from across the spectrum.  The Prospector Theaters’ artists, volunteers, and sponsors will work together to produce GOOD, encourage relationships, and help accomplished artists mentor emerging artists from different backgrounds!

Purchasing artwork from the Do-Good-O-Matic will help sustain the art program at the Prospector Theater, giving talented people the opportunity to make their artwork accessible and available to the community!