"Magic is Alive!" The Chandelier is Here!

The highly anticipated chandelier made out of "found objects" has arrived and been installed in the sunlit lobby of the Prospector Theater!  

As you you can see in the first panel (left), the sculpture arrived in several carefully wrapped pieces.  After being unloaded from the truck, the pieces were wheeled into the lobby - where assembly began.  Each piece was hoisted into the air, to make room for the section below it.

It finally all came together, and was brought up, UP, and AWAY!!!! Well not really... but it was lifted above the lobby and into the air!  Road signs, street lights, and giant illuminated letters make up this masterpiece!

The artist, Warren Muller (in orange jump suit) cannot wait for the theater to open.  He says:

"I love what we have created together!  I appreciate what we have done.  I am so honored to be working on this project with you and am so touched by the scope of your vision.  MAGIC IS ALIVE!"