“25 Prospect Street  – Documentary” is a behind-the-screens look at the struggles and sparkle of the Prospector Theater – a non-profit movie theater with a mission of meaningful employment for people with disabilities.

The Theater is the vision of Val, a pink-haired eccentric who desperately wants a relationship with her sister Hope. She soon realizes Hope has other ideas, and the difficulties of the start-up enterprise make Val wonder whether it’s more than their relationship that is bound to fail.

Watch the Prospector team laugh, cry, and earn their first paychecks as they grow from a small-town theater to silver screen superstars. 




It’s not too often that you stumble across executive directors with pink hair. Then again, Val is no ordinary changemaker. The visionary behind the Prospector is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her friends with disabilities. Val’s passion is the driving force behind the Theater, but have her past experiences properly prepared her for the large task of starting a unique model of social enterprise?



Although Kris is his birth name, it’s no wonder why he’s now known as K-Mann! Kris is a natural born entertainer who dazzles and delights audiences with his showmanship and charisma. Kris elevates his status from local celebrity to world-renowned spokesperson when he helps the Prospector team take the show on the road.


Hope marches to the beat of her own drum. She lets the world know she has arrived with her fun-loving personality and humor. As Val’s younger sister, Hope struggles to connect with her sister’s passion and drive. Can the sisters find a way to work together?



Rachel is a talented artist who communicates differently. She yearns for independence and freedom from the label of “autism”. Through meaningful work she discovers her true sparkle, giving her the tools she needs to live independently and fly to new heights.



Don’t sweat the small stuff – that’s the epitome of Markie! He’s got a million dollar smile and a contagious laugh. Although it may be difficult for him to stay focused sometimes, Markie’s got enough gusto to rise to the challenge. Watch as Markie tries to stay at his post when all he wants to do is dance!



When Daniel arrived to the Theater, he was introverted and quiet. That doesn’t last too long as Daniel begins to discover his sparkle for music. Follow MC Daniel as he grows from an ordinary usher, into a hip-hop superstar.




Independent filmmakers Kaveh Taherian and Andrew Richey approached the Prospector team during the final stages of the Theater’s construction. Drawn to the Theater by the power and uniqueness of our mission, Andrew and Kaveh documented the painfully honest and intimate moments of the start-up phase and first year of operation.  Although a million stories about Prospects and paychecks could have been told, the story they wove together is a rare behind-the-screens look at what it takes to change the world of working for adults with disabilities.