These á la carte add-ons are available for Super Star Sponsors (so you might want to think about upgrading your sponsorship if you're a New Star or Gold Star Sponsor!). 


Popcorn Parade


We will send freshly popped, delicious popcorn and awesome Prospects to your business. What better way to deliver your 50 “Free Movie” vouchers?!


Popcorn Suit


Do you have employees who do such a ____________ job you don’t know how to punish/reward them? We have a solution! Send them down to The Prospector Theater and we will let them stand on Prospect Street in our popcorn suit!


Prospect for a Day


Have you ever fantasized about being a projectionist? Usher? Concessionist? We know you have! This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to live that dream!


Sponsor a Movie


Have a movie you want the world to see? Or do you want everyone to see you helping Do-Goodery in the world? Sponsor a movie!